If the body is good then the work gets faster. Through regular yoga, walking, diet control, people find ways to preserve health. But the game and exercise teacher of Exeter University, Dr. Nadine Sammy said, we need to be very careful on our mind. It is possible to increase our control over our mind by increasing self-awareness. even more. According to Sammy, self-awareness is one thing that helps humans understand their emotions, emotions and desires intensely. Understanding your emotions, people can focus most on their health and safety. It can be said that the easiest way to keep health is good.

  even more. According to Nedine, the person’s thoughts about yourself will be as accurate and deep as possible, so that he knows his strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this, it is possible to overcome your weaknesses. That’s why they have advised to do some work that would provide much labor instead of going to the gym or working in the physical way instead of running in the morning.

  This allows you to engage in many physical activities such as your pet dog. According to Reese Thatcher, the teacher of the Anesthetist University Psychology Department, the gym could be a better solution for some. But this is not for everyone. So, in this case, a dog can be a way of domestication. Because if the dog has to walk for at least 30 minutes twice a day, then you will run yourself. And in this way, the body and mind will stay safe from day to day walk. To get good health, they suggested taking various types of vegetable meal. Experts believe that it is possible to get at least 30 types of vegetables and fruits to get good health in one week. London King’s College is a Research Fellow. Megan Russey said, not only vegetables and fruits will be eaten. It is important to have different types of different types. If every 30 types of vegetables and fruits are eaten after every week, then it is very good for health. In our stomach is a bacterium called microbial. These bacteria have a profound effect on people’s health. Therefore, suggested to eat more trees and vegetables. Rossi.

  Scientists are advised to stay 7 to 9 hours a day, as well as more smiles to stay healthy. If there is a lack of sleep continuously, then it has a negative effect on the body. Teacher of Sports and Health Sciences Department of Exeter University’s Sports Gavin Buckingham said that the process of learning new things is interrupted when sleep is reduced. Therefore there is no substitute for adequate sleep to protect the body and brain health

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