Social mobility and development require communication amongst individual
human beings. So, social communication means interaction among people
through Virtual communication and networking. In other words, that what
people create and exchange to communicate and express them by using the
intemet and ICT is called social networking. Now this communication has
become easier, cost-effiective and usully safe. By using the internet, e-mail,
mobile phone and messaging system, blogging and platforms of social
networking, the ICT based social networking has been made easy. Platforms
have been set up on the internet known as social networking. Two most
popular social networking websites are facebook and twitter. Facebook is a website of social networking system.
Mark Zuckerberg along with some of his friends launched this site. Anyone
can be the member of facebook without any subscription. The users can add
friends, send messages, update their personal information and give status
share with others. Besides, audios and videos can be sent through it. Any
organisation can open their home page on facebook, and at the same time,
like minded people can form a facebook group . According to report of march 2015, the number of facebook users in
the world is 1415 million. Twitter is a social network too, but it has a basic
difference with facebook. The users have to express themselves and
exchange opinions within 140 characters. That is why it can be called a
website of microblogging. The message of 140 words is called the ‘Tweet‘.
The tweets of Twitters are displayed their profile page. The members of the
twitter can follow other members to read the tweets. Those who follow a
member are called followers.
In one word, ICT has not only created new forms of entertainment, but also
made them accessible to the mass. Most importantly, ICT has revolutionised
the entertainment industry and its ultimate fiture in the entertainment industry
is beyond one’s imagination.

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