Firstly i explained two story,

Story 1: Raina was very intent on having a laptop from his father after getting
admission to the college. As her attainment in the first term examination was
good, her father bought her a branded laptop with core 15 processor. Raina was
impressed with the quality and speed of the laptop. She installed many pieces
of software within few days. However, she noticed a gradual decline in its
performance. After one year, she observed that the laptop was running too slow
and it was irksome working on the computer. After somedays, she made a
capricious demand to her father for purchasing another one for her.

Story 2: Ankon has recently taken internet connection for the computer. Now
he frequently browses the Web and has benefitted greatly from the sites with
the information related to his study. Besides education, he uses the internet for
sending emails, listening to music, and watching movie. Recently he has found
the computer often restarting without any prior notification. In addition, the
internet browser opens different sited without any command. One day, he
inserted a memory stick into the USB connection port on his computer. He was
shocked to find out that his files turned into ‘shortcuts’. He couldn’t even
locate the original files.

What do you understand from the above events? Is it similar to your
experience? You have already known many things about Information and
Communication Technology this time, and you have understood that the
processor and software are the main components in ICT. A new computer, be it
a desktop, laptop or tablet, usually runs fast, but after somedays, it gradually
slows down. As it gets old, so it becomes slow. Sometimes, you have to wait
for long after giving a command. Situation at times becomes so worse
sometimes you become so annoyed that you want to buy a new one.

What is the way to get rid of this situation? Here lies the importance of
computer maintenance. You have learnt a little about computer maintenance in
the junior Class. Most of the people do not like the task of maintaining ICT or
technological devices. However, it is an important task. If you want to keep
your ICT device operative, you have to maintain it. You need not to be an
expert for that job. We are talking of software-oriented maintenance of ICT

If the Windows Operating System of Microsoft Company is used in your ICT
device (almost in all the computers of the world, Windows Operating System is
used), you have to check its status and update of the operating system all the
time. If the device is connected to the internet, the updates are done
automatically. Other operating systems provide a similar kind of facilities same
facilities too. In spite of that, you have to use registry clean up software to keep
the machine fast. If you do not use this software, your machine will not work
properly and it will be a matter of annoyance for you.

Besides, everytime while using the computer, some temporary files are created.
If these files are not erased for a long time, they occupy a lot of space in the
hard disk and slow down the speed of the computer. That is why we should
erase the temporary files with a software. It will make some space free and
speed up the computer.

Nowadays, the use of ICT device can not be imagined without the internet
connection. Many cookies and temporary internet files are saved in the cash
memory of the internet browser when you surf the net. It slows down the
computer. If it is not possible to clean up the cash memory everyday, it must be
done in every few days‘ intervals. A piece of software can help you to get the
job done.

Using ICT device without anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware is very
risky. It’s an important maintenance activity that protect the users’ device
from the attack of Virus, malware and spyware, and they can safely use their
devices. Now many anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware software can be
downloaded free of cost from the internet and used to protect the computer.
Even these pieces of software can be updated from the internet. The use of ICT
device without updated anti-Virus is very risky.

The computer users can run disk clean up and disk defragmentor to keep the
usual speed of the computer. These programmes are attached with the
operating system. These two pieces of software clean up the space of hardware
and arrange the files in such an order so that the speed of the computer is kept up.

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