With the development of ICT, a new era in the entertainment world has started.
It has occurred in two ways. First, how people consume entertainment. Second
a qualitative change is noticed in the different mediums of entertainment.

Let us see first how individual media consumption habit has transformed in
response to the changes in ICT. Once, people had to go outside for
entertainment. If they wanted to enjoy a film, they had to go to the cinema hall
to enjoy a film; to the playground to watch a football match; to a concert to
listen to music. Nowadays, there is no need to go outside for entertainment.
Radio was invented first, and then the television. The computer came
eventually. Internet is the latest addition to the computer. We have discovered
that people can enjoy all kinds of entertainments within four walls of their
home. When computer first came into being, it was only used for computation
and calculation. Only the big organisations and the government could afford
computers. However, With the development of technology, computers have
become easily available and people have started using them for their personal
purposes. Since computers have become more sophisticated processors, huge
storage, and considerable memory, they can be used not only for writing or
calculation, but also for entertainment. Perhaps, people use computer most for
their entertainment. Composing a song, making a movie, and taking a
photograph — all can be done on computers. Because of the development of
ICT, changes have come to the mediums and forms of entertainment. Since
songs can be digitised and converted into MP3 format, they can be played on
computers. Similarly, we can watch Videos and movies on computers. A huge
volume of data can be stored on CD or DVD. Watching movie on DVD player
without going to the cinema hall is a very common practice nowadays. Internet
with faster speed has become easily available for ‘fibre optic network’. As a
result, people do not have to depend on audio CD or DVD either for listening
to music or watching films. On top of it, programmes in different radio and
television channels can be directly accessed through the Internet. Sometimes
recorded programmes are also available on the Internet. Hence, viewers can
access these programmes according to their convenience.

New forms of entertainment have appeared with the development of ICT.
Computer game is one of them. Big industries of computer games are
established all over the world and the experts of these industries are innovating
computer games of various sorts. The extensive popularity of computer games
demonstrates its immense success as a new medium of entertainment. One of
the reasons for their success is that computer games entertain people across age
with different preferences. These games can be played with others, the
computer itself, or even with gamers in a remote place Via network. In fact, it
should be noted here that excessive and compulsive use of computer or video
games may become so strong that it can easily turn into addiction. That is why
people around the world are warned about the negative consequences of
compulsive computer or Video gaming. Development in ICT played a Vital role
in the emergence of new forms of entertainment. Once, making animation or
cartoon films was very difficult. It has become easier for ICT and high—end/
super computers. Not only that, innovations done by creative designers have
brought about changes to graphic works. Digital actors and actresses have been
created on computers for graphic movies that are no longer dependent on real
actors and actresses. Use of high-end/ super computers in creating imaginary
dinosaurs and aliens for popular commercially successful films is very
common nowadays.


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