For years, knowledge has been acquired across the world in traditional
methods. The innovation and development of ICT have brought about changes
for the first time in the traditional methods. And we have become familiar with
the terms like e-learning and Distance Learning. E-learning is the short version
of electronic learning which basically means a teaching process by using
CD—ROM, the Internet, personal network and TV channels, however, we
should keep in mind that e—learning is not the alternative or substitute of
conventional way of learning. For example, it is hard to demonstrate in class
different scientific and natural phenomena, such as, solar eclipse, moon
eclipse, and so on. A teacher may demonstrate these phenomena with images,
videos, and graphs with the help of multi-media. The class can be interactive

Bangladesh has a huge population, and that is why the class size is usually big.
The schools of our country lack skilled teachers, teaching learning materials,
science laboratories, etc. The students do not have wide scope of doing
scientific experiments. E—learning can play a vital role to solve these problems.
A lesson conducted by a skilled teacher may be recorded and distributed to
hundreds of schools. Different learning materials for teaching a specific subject
can be given to students. Teachers themselves may make their lessons more
effective to teach their subjects and these lessons may be reused in other

Teaching and learning materials are made for e-learning all over the world.
Renowned universities of the world have introduced some online courses and
anybody can take any of these courses. Experimentation is going on to develop
the field, and a learner can take the course either by submitting his homework
or sitting for examination online, and can get the requisite credit.

Bangladesh is not lagging behind in e-learning. The ICT specialists of the
country have opened some web portals offering courses in Bangla, and learners
from any part of the world can take the courses. The ICT oriented, specifically
for imparting training in computer programming have earned popularity at
home and abroad.

Though e-learning can play a vital role in over—coming the limitations of
teaching in Bangladesh. However, e-learning is not a substitute of the
conventional teaching method of a classroom in which teachers and students
have face-to-face interactions, exchange of opinions, and question and answer
sessions. news and the students can ask questions. Moreover, students can
interact and help themselves in learning something. Moreover, teachers and students can assist
each other in the learning process and optimise their learning by peer-bonding.
Possibilities of interactions are minimal in e-learning. As e-learning requires
little human participation, it may become mechanical. Therefore, in order to
make e-learning successful, students need to be very pro-active. E-learning has
a wide scope in Bangladesh as we can solve limitations in classroom teaching
may be minimised by adopting e-learning. However, implementation of
e-learning practices in classroom will require fast internet connectivity,
necessary infra—structure, and e-learning materials.

E-governance and Bangladesh

Transparency and accountability are needed for a good governance. A modern,
transparent, and accountable governance can be can be ensured by introducing
digital system. It will ensure good governance This will stop the harassment of
citizens and pave the way of good governance. The application of electronic or
digital method in the government administration is called e-governance.
Once, it was very difficult for the examinees and their guardians to collect the
result of the public examination. It was more difficult for the people living in
the remote Villages. Even two decades ago they could not collect their results a
week after the publication of the result even, now they can get it either through
the internet or the SMS option of the mobile phone. So, the trouble of
collecting the result instantly has come to an end.

Another example of e-governance is the facility of submitting applications to
the higher educational institutions. with the help of the mobile phone.
Previously if a candidate of Jessore wanted to apply to Shahjalal University of
Science and Technology, he had to complete a series of formalities candidates
or their representatives had to travel to Sylhet in order to collect and submit
university admission application forms. Now candidates may submit their
application through mobile phones. They need not to travel from one city to

District offices of the Deputy Commissioners have E-service Centres in order
to ensure easy, affordable, and hassle-fiee services. Now a service Delivery of
services that took 2-3 weeks in the past now takes only 2—5 days. On top of it,
digitalisation of the information has reduced the time in decision making by
80% – 90%. Government departments have become transparent and
accountable in providing their services and increased their efficiency in issuing
copies of deeds and settlement records.

The manual process of paying gas, electricity and water bills is
time-eonsuming and troublesome. Sometimes the busy hours of a day are spent
to pay the utility bills. Now the bills can be paid either through online or cell
phones. The target of the Government is to ensure better life standard and
hassle-free life for its citizens. E-governance has made some services. Some of
these services, for example, are ATM services, mobile banking, information
services, etc. As a result, citizens may avail the service at their convenience.

In addition, with the introduction of e-services, inter—departmental
communication and net-working within the Government has increased.
Government employees have also become skilled. As a result, providing faster
service has become easier.

Bangladesh has introduced e-governance for a few years. E-service is yet to be
introduced to all sectors of the governance. With its successful implementation
in every sector, Bangladesh will certainly lead to good governance.

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