There is no substitute for trade and business for the progress and creation of
jobs in a country. A change has been brought about in the business sector of
Bangladesh by the electronic money transfer and exchange process for the
innovation of digital technology, the interet and electonic exchanging process
besides paper currency. Running business through electronic medium is known
as e-commerce.

There are some terms and conditions in business. Firstly, the sellers must have
commodity secondly, the buyers will pay the price of the product. This
transaction requires direct communication of the seller and buyer. However, in
the era of internet, nowadays sellers may create a website and display the
images of his products. The buyers, after choosing his commodity, pay the
price and get it. The buyers have the facilities to pay the price through debit
and credit cards. They can pay through mobile banking even. Thirdly, on
receipt of the payment, the sellers either deliver the products themselves or by
the courier. Another payment method is through courier service after receiving
the price.

The bill payment can also be done in the Cash on Delivery (COD) method,
which is different from mobile banking and debit or credit card payment. The
purchaser choose the product from the website of the seller and orders for
supply. The seller after getting the order sends it to the buyer who pays the bill
after receiving it.

E-commerce has been gradually extending in Bangladesh since 2011-12. Now
everything including books, garments, food, luxurious goods, etc. is being sold
or bought through e-commerce. Two types of establisments are noticed in
e-commerce like conventional business. One kind of establishment only sells
their own products and another kind sells the products of different companies.
You have already watched advertisements of some websites on the internet,
television and in the newspaper.

E-tiketing and Mobile Ticketing of Railway: Tickets of some intercity
trains can be collected either through mobile phone or online. As a result,
travellers can purchase the ticket at their convenience without going to the
ticket counters of the railway station. They can reach the station just before
the departure of the train and collect the printed ticket from a particular
ICT the job sector in Bangladesh

Nowadays, the multifarious use and 1mpact of ICT in the job sector is noticed
in Bangladesh like other countries. The impact and capacity of ICT are
gradually increasing. Two types of impact of ICT are noticed. First, the
introduction of ICT in the prevailing working sectors has enhanced the skills of
the employees and extended the market. Second , ICT itself has created new

The use of ICT in the prevailing existing job sector and old business sectors, on
the one hand, has enhanced the efficiency, transparency and accountability of
the professional groups on the other hand, it has increased the standard of
service. Skill in ICT is now regarded as the elementary qualification for any
job. TEmployees of banks, insurance, multinational companies, government
sectors need to be skilled in word processing, presentation software, internet
browsing, email management, analytical software, etc. In addition they have to
develop expertise in a specific software product, such as banking software. On
top of it, ICT has created a large job market of making hardware, software,
developing websites, maintenance, etc. Now it is a big market for the skilled
workers who can work at home or abroad and set their own ICT firms.
A major part of the task can be accomplished at home. Many people earn
foreign currency for the country through outsourcing.

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