Entertainment and ICT

With the development of ICT, a new era in the entertainment world has started.It has occurred in two ways. First, how people consume entertainment. Seconda qualitative change is noticed in the different mediums of entertainment. Read more…

Social Networking and ICT

Social mobility and development require communication amongst individualhuman beings. So, social communication means interaction among peoplethrough Virtual communication and networking. In other words, that whatpeople create and exchange to communicate and express them by using Read more…

E-commerce and Bangladesh

There is no substitute for trade and business for the progress and creation ofjobs in a country. A change has been brought about in the business sector ofBangladesh by the electronic money transfer and exchange Read more…

E-learning and Bangladesh

For years, knowledge has been acquired across the world in traditionalmethods. The innovation and development of ICT have brought about changesfor the first time in the traditional methods. And we have become familiar withthe terms Read more…

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